Board of Directors

David Baker, Vice Chair
Southeast Raleigh Assembly

Sonia Barnes, Secretary
Southeast Raleigh Community

Mark Bolash, Director
Paragon Commercial Bank

John Bryson, Director
PNC Bank

Stanley Green, Director
Mechanics & Farmers Bank

Wallace O. Green, Director
Raleigh Area Development Authority

Sarah C. Williams, Treasurer
Bank of America

Rita Anita Linger, Director
SERA, Inc.

John Miller, Chair
Realty Investments, LLC

Luther Williams, Director
City of Raleigh

Joanna LeClair, Director
Wells Fargo Bank


Previous Directors
Hugh Allen, Director
Wells Fargo Bank
Apr 06 – Oct 06
Bill Bunn, Director
PNC Bank
Apr 06 – Sept 12
Rodney Gaddy, Director
Progress Energy
May 05 – Apr 10
Grady Jackson, Director
Bank of America
Jul 09 – Feb 12
Dr. Walton Jones, Treasurer
Raleigh Business Technology Center
May 05 – Jan 10
Michael Patterson, Vice Chair
CapStone Bank
May 05 – Apr 10
Billie Redmond, Director
Coldwell Banker TradeMark Properties
May 05 – Nov 08
Bruce Sharpe, Director
Bank of America
Jan 07 – Apr 09
Brad Thompson, Director
Southeast Raleigh Assembly
May 05 – Dec 09