The RADA Consumer Counseling Center is a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency. We are here to serve your counseling and homeownership assistance needs.

Do you want to own your own home?
Are you having credit challenges?
Do you need refinancing or help finding the right bank for your mortgage?

Pre-Purchase Counseling
The purpose of Pre-Purchase Counseling is to address issues that may prevent or delay affordable mortgage financing, while offering specific steps to help the client achieve their goal of home ownership.  Our certified housing counselors will help clients determine if home ownership meets their lifestyle, help them determine mortgage affordability, review their credit report, and develop an action plan to overcome obstacles and achieve their home ownership goals.

Homebuyer Education Workshops
The homebuyer education workshops are offered throughout the year and cover, start-to-finish, the entire home buying process.  Topics include understanding credit, obtaining a mortgage loan, shopping for a home, and protecting your investment.

8-Hour Online Homebuyer Education
The purpose of this alternative delivery method of the homebuyer education workshop is to help homeowners expedite the process in getting heir homebuyer education certificate from the convenience of their home. For more details visit ehomeamerica.org/rada

Financial Management/Budget Counseling
Raleigh Area Development Authority works with individuals or shares with a group, data and tools to increase self-sufficiency.  Budgeting and credit counseling is an integral part of all housing counseling services.  Developing a budget, looking at spending habits, reducing existing debt, and developing savings strategies are some of the areas covered in this program.

Rental Housing Counseling
The purpose of Rental Counseling is to address issues that may prevent or delay clients from obtaining safe and affordable rental housing.  We work with clients to assess affordability and to help them reach their goal of finding and maintaining appropriate rental housing.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
Assistance with loss mitigation efforts such as loan modification, forbearance plans, repayment plan, short sale or deed-in lieu of foreclosure.

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